The Kenon “family” began its prestigious history in 1892 in the Naples area, where it specialized in roasting and selling coffee. Over the years the business has grown rapidly from father to son, recording great successes in the production of excellent coffee, until 1962 with the creation of Café Centro Brasil: a new company that has turned the business into a modern, productive and technological operation. Kenon Coffee today is synonymous with experience, passion, dedication, tradition, knowledge and deep respect for coffee.


The Innovation


Kenon has learned over the years how to combine tradition and innovation with the development of new products to interpret current needs of consumers needing a combination of taste, convenience and safety.




The Kenon facility is structured with innovative and advanced manufacturing technologies to provide the market with a unique product. Our coffee roasting process yield an absolutely excellently tasting end product without the use of preservatives and dyes, also avoiding "stress" the crude product so as to preserve the original characteristics.


Respect for the consumer


This represents the ultimate goal of all other guidelines and values: a continued tradition in the mark of quality, technological innovation in the service of safety and respect.


The focus on Quality


In all stages of production, from roasting to packaging, the coffee is subjected to strict quality control by daily examinations and laboratory tests performed in full compliance with the DL 155/156/97 concerning the H. A.C.C.P. (food hygiene). EU regulations are more restrictive than the ones enforced in the USA.


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