Accurately Selected, Toasted and Expertly Blended, these coffee beans give an excellent creaminess and bodyiness as well as an intense and decided taste typical of the best Neapolitan Tradition.


Discover the BEST SOLUTION For your needs.

Kenon Coffee

Moka Coffee Cream | 1Kg / 3Kg


Coffee blend with a good Arabic Parcentage, strong taste, compact cream and strong aroma.

Kenon Coffee

Bar Coffee Cream | 1Kg / 3Kg


A very rich coffee blend with a good Arabic percentage, strong taste and compact cream.

Kenon Coffee

Max Bar Coffee | 1Kg / 3Kg


Select blend, mainly Brazilian, full of Central America coffee which gives a sweet and long-lasting flavor and chocolate taste.

Kenon Coffee

SuperMax Bar| 1Kg / 3Kg


Blend mainly made by Arabic quality coffee from Brazil and Central America, thick and delicate cream, long-lasting aroma with a low caffeine content.

Kenon Coffee

Neapolitan DOC Coffee | 1Kg / 3Kg


Thick select coffee blend, mainly of brazilian Arabic quality. Delicate and balanced taste, a Neapolitan Coffee at its full expression.

Kenon Coffee

100% Arabic KARAMELL Coffee | 1Kg / 3Kg


With a strong, creamy and rich taste in your cup, an incomparable aroma, excellent aftertaste, with a low caffeine content. A 100% Arabic blend, made by the most rigorous coffee selections.

Kenon Decaffeinated Coffee


Its rich blend makes it light, velvety and tempting, with a smooth and refined aroma, for all those who want to taste a good coffee without caffeine. Available in single dose packets and in beans.

Quality Barley. Aromatic, with a pleasant and smooth taste. Scented and energetic Ginseng.

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