Two blends for real connoisseurs: the "100% Arabic", perticularly aromatic, with a persistent taste and smooth and velvety aroma, and the "Special Quality" a well-balanced blend with a strong and rich taste, with a thick and inviting cream. An Excellent Coffee for every moment of the day, unmatchable in leaving an intense pleasure sensation.

Kenon Coffee

100% Arabic | 250 gr.


It contains 100% pure Arabic Quality ground coffee. It's an aromatic coffee, with a smooth and pleasant taste and a low caffeine content.

Kenon Coffee

Special Quality | 250/500 gr.


Rich and aromatic taste, it contains a 100% pure coffee mainly from Brazil. It has a low caffeine content, with an approximate value of no more than 1,7%.

Kenon Coffee

Single dose pods| 50/18 PIECES.


Taste and aroma in an Espresso Coffee which is simply perfect, as just ground. A very high quality coffee you can drink where you want and easy to prepare.

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